Truth and Reconciliation – a message to the 28%

Since starting my campaign for Chair I have spoken to hundreds of our members both in large meetings and on a one-to-one level.


And I am horrified to find out just how the UKCP has lost contact with our members – and remember I have been a trustee, a member of the executive and I have sat on several committees.  Many of our members are disaffected.


I may paint myself as the outsider contender because I am no longer on the board, but for 8 years here I have lived at the heart of this organisation, so I hold up my hands: no blame and no excuses.
A membership survey that was undertaken 2 years ago showed that 28% of our people were dissatisfied with the UKCP.


That left 72% of respondents thinking everything was rosy.  But they were the people who were not actually involved. You see there are plenty of members who want their UKCP registration certificate renewed every year – and that’s it – and that is OK.   However the 28% who weren’t happy expected more.


Then there is a small percentage of the membership who has actively tried to engage with the UKCP and have been ignored or worse insulted.  Some are really hurt.


The UKCP will never be some Shangri-La, or Happy House…. we are there to perform a function, and it is true that some of our members can be ‘difficult.’  However even the difficult ones are ‘family’.


My aim is to have an organisation that people fight to join. But right now that would be unrealistic – let’s start by making it a ‘good enough’ membership organisation.  And that is my ambition for my first six months in office.


I want to meet those of you who are disappointed and hurt and see if we cannot do some practical healing.  I want you back.


And to do that I have to be elected.


Feel free to contact me below either directly or via my social media accounts:


Tel: 0780 2338773
Twitter: @MPollecoff

Truth and Reconciliation – a message to the 28%

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