A little bit on Laughter

I was sent this video by Dr Hal Stone of Mendicino in Northern California.   Hal has been a mentor to me.   He’s my inspiration for becoming a psychotherapist. We may not see eye- to-eye on everything but we do share a sense of humour.   Hal has the most wonderful laugh.  It’s a whole body laugh.  First his head tilts backwards and his jaw drops so that he looks like a giant Pez dispenser, and then his whole body convulses and tears run down his face.  It really is something.   Only my brother Philip can beat Hal on laughing.  Even as an adult,  Phil can fall on the floor pounding the ground with his fists.   It’s as if laughter overcomes Phil’s natural everyday attempts to joust with gravity.

I love both of them for their terrific ability to let go.   I really envy that.  Anyway here is what Hal was laughing at.

It’s a spoof by Bill Maher on a campaign video put out by Bernie Sanders the left-wing Democratic candidate.  Sanders was campaigning in Iowa, a state that is hardly diverse and one in which the question: ‘Can a Jew ever be President? ‘ may be the number-one issue.

Hal lives in Albion,  Mendacino County in Northern California.  This is the US heartland of alternative politics and eco-living,   Think of a US version of Truro and you get the picture.  This is not a belly laugh but it is funny

For technical reasons, I can’t show it on this site but go to the link below

“Enjoy’ – as we say.





A little bit on Laughter

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