Martin’s C.V.

          Martin Pollecoff 

  Candidate for Chair of the UKCP 2016




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Personal statement


I am 66 years old, married, live in London and I am standing for election as Chair of the UKCP.

I have considerable professional expertise and experience which I now wish to put to good use as Chair of our professional body.

Key Skills 


  • Extensive management experience working with colleagues at board and shop floor level
  • Promoting other people’s ideas and helping to make them happen

Professional History


Psychotherapist and Supervisor in Private Practice

(2008 – Present)

For further information, please see my website:

Previous psychotherapy work experience

I served placements in CAIS (a Welsh Alcohol and Substance Abuse Clinic) and three years in MIND; a year in Wrexham and 2 years in Harrow Road West London.  From 2006 -2013 I served one day a week in the NHS, Community Mental Health Team Soho where I was an Honorary Psychotherapist.

UKCP and Professional Association Experience


2015-16 Member, UKCP Executive Team.

2013-16 External Moderator of The British Psychodrama Association. 

2013-2014 Chair of the Association of Humanistic Psychotherapists.

2012-16 Committee Member of the Transpersonal Special Interest Group.

2012-16 Member of the Book Editorial Board.

2012- 2015 Trustee UKCP elected representing Individual Members.

2010-13 Member of the Membership Services Committee.

2010 Awarded ‘Certificate of Recognition by the Board of Trustees of the UKCP’ for an ‘Outstanding contribution to the UKCP and services to Psychotherapy’.

2010 Chair of Annual Conference Committee.

2008 Created, a network of UK therapists who offered to work for reduced fees for ex-servicemen and women and their families. 

2006 – 2012 Trustee and then Chair of The Minster Centre.

2008-10 Member of the Political Group UKCP, working with the then Chair James Gray Antrican to create external strategy.

2008 Joined UKCP and addressed the AGM to gain support for the Long Boat Home.

Professional Qualifications

2014 Completed Metanoia’s Supervision Certificate Course.

2008 Awarded MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy from Middlesex University (The Metanoia Institute) communications strategy.

1998 Awarded MSc, Change Agents Skills and Strategies from Surrey University – this was their Humanistic Course founded by John Heron.

Previous Management Experience


1996 I married and moved to a hill farm in North West Wales. After so many years in business I needed to get earthed again.

1996-2009 Management Consultant. Self-employed working through two consultancy specialists, The Merchants Group and Acadamee, helping companies (e.g. British Midlands Airways, Shell Home Fuels, Porsche GB).

1994 -1996 The Merchants Group, Head of Communications and Marketing and member of the small team tasked with selling the company-  specialising in Call Centre management. Sold the company to Dimension Data of South Africa.

1981-1996 Co-founder of the Programmes Group (later renamed The Merchants Group).  Head of Communications and Marketing (also briefly managing finances and credit control). Group started in late 1980 as an ‘Exegesis’ sponsored job creation scheme named, ‘The Bristol Project’. The idea was to show that, in a recession, at a time when youth unemployment was high, by working together in co-operation young people could create their own jobs.

We created several companies but the most successful was Programmes Limited, a pioneering telephone marketing agency.  In 1981 there were probably around 200 people in the Telemarking trade in the UK.  Within 10 years we had trained 400,000 people in Call Centre skills and 2% of the UK working population of the UK then worked in Call Centre type environments.  The job-creation scheme worked.

As Head of Communications and Marketing I also became a Key Note conference Speaker teaching across Europe, Australia and the States.



King Edwards High School, Birmingham

Carmel College


pastedGraphic_6.png   0780 2338773







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